Server to Server tracking feature
February 26, 2019

Creating Goals 
Simply go to and create your first conversion.

Here you need to set up name of the action (user's action on your landing page/site) and choose what kind of conversion it will be at "Tracking Purpose field".
You can also implement your Payout per successful action in $, that parameter will be passed with postback so you will be getting payouts information automatically in your campaign statistics.
In additional to that you can implement your offer link with added parameters to check if your link contains this value {s2s_token}

If you see that - means your link is ready to be implemented into campaign.

By pressing Get Tracking Code you will get actual postback which needs to be modified and implemented on the side of the offer provider/affiliate program.

We have provided you with pre-set parameters for few Tracking systems. By chosing one of them in the drop down menu you can see that parameters are changing accordingly. So far there are VoluumCakeHasoffers and Peerclick, if you are using a different tracking system you need to modify postback accordingly. 

After postback was implemented you can create your campaign with tracking parameters.Just add the parameter which indicates the value of ts_subid and pass it back with actual postback.

Lets see how it is actually set up with Voluum : 

Pre-set postback looks like that : 

Offer link which will be pasted in the field of the URL will be the following: 

In this case system will see {s2s_token} and will replace it with unique value which will be detected and stored as external_id parameter.
After the conversion was done the tracking value which was stored as external_id will be returned to the TrafficShop system with postback inside "ts_subid" parameter. 
If values are matching that means you have got a conversion which was passed to Trafficshop successfully 

How to check campaign statistics 

Go to "Reports" , press "Campaign stats", by pressing Manage Columns you can choose any goals which you created before. Now you launch campaigns and start getting traffic, so in your Campaign Reports you will see "+" near campaign name , by pressing on "+" you will see all Site_IDs and domains name which are bringing you conversions. Based on that your canpaign can be optimized to get best results for each offer.