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USDT (Tether) added as a payment option USDT (Tether) added as a payment option

We are eager to add as many payout options to TrafficShop ad platform as possible, in order to help our publishers withdraw their earnings easier.

September 09, 2020
Trafficshop | Increase your ROI with deep targeting Trafficshop | Increase your ROI with deep targeting

We know you have been thinking over and over again how to reach the most valuable audience while running your advertising campaigns. Trust us, you can catch those users you need at the right time and in the right place! How?

October 17, 2019
Trafficshop | Guide to Native Ads Trafficshop | Guide to Native Ads

Native ads are ramping up their popularity on adult sites thus replacing banners people got blind of already.

June 14, 2019
TrafficShop | Landing page guide TrafficShop | Landing page guide

How to build a successful landing page?

You are almost ready to start a campaign but you are still worrying about the conversions. Does your landing page meet the specifcaons of a successful page or not? Did you follow the vital guidelines in order to maximize your landing page’s success? Don’t worry, let’s check together some basic but important steps that you should follow before you start the campaign!

April 18, 2019
Native Ad Format Native Ad Format

 Trafficshop is releasing a new format! Native ads are now available for all advertisers and publishers.

March 12, 2019
Server to Server tracking feature Server to Server tracking feature

Dear Advertisers, we would like to announce introduction of server to server conversion tracking at Traffishop. This new feature is going to make your life easier when it comes to conversion tracking straight inside your user's dashboard.

February 26, 2019
Making money with carrier traffic Making money with carrier traffic

 In this guide, we will teach you exactly what mobile content offers (pin submits) are, how to run them with TrafficShop , and why they’re so awesome.

January 21, 2019
TrafficShop Direct Campaign Feature TrafficShop Direct Campaign Feature

In 2019 Trafficshop continues improving the product for your best media buying experience.

January 04, 2019
Meet Trafficshop team at TES 2018 Meet Trafficshop team at TES 2018

We would love to meet you at TES 2018 in Prague and talk about your traffic goals and the challenges you face. Our Sales Team, Alisya and John, will be there for you! Visit our booth on 14 - 17th of September and let your business grow!

August 07, 2018
Secrets of Mobile Campaigns Secrets of Mobile Campaigns

Step by Step to Mobile Campaign at Trafficshop

In 2018, 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones which totally explains the growth of mobile traffic at Trafficshop up to 60% of the total volume. In order to be able to handle mobile media buying at Trafficshop in a right way we would like to explain you the campaign building in details.

• First log in to your account as Advertiser

• Then you go to Campaigns section and choose 'Create New'

• Select campaign type: Mobile pop under or Mobile skimmed

July 06, 2018
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