Trafficshop | Guide to Native Ads
June 14, 2019

We done some investigation on how to run a successful Native campaign and would like to share that with you:   

Use the widgets with photos rather than images in your creatives

- Use close up photos, mind the widget is scalable, the creative should look good even in smaller/bigger size

- Use picture which corresponds to the content

- Catch up people with negative words in Headlines rather than positive statements, unlike in normal advertising words “Never, nobody, worst” have more chances to attract user’s attention

Question them and do call to action so that the users wanted to reply you back

- Use enough creatives, the best practices show 10-12 creatives give best results in the campaign

- Don’t neglect updating banners every now and then, fresh content is more important than you think

- Make sure you track creatives performance and optimize/update widgets accordingly

- Always run separate campaigns for mobile and desktop, they definitely have different response and require different approach

That being said, it's time to create a Native campaign

If you still need guidance on the set up, choice of channels, bids -

Trafficshop team is here to help you!